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provides professional septic tank services suitable for private customers and public bodies

Septic Tanks

Here at P.C Drains, we work with households across the North East, Dublin and Nationwide

P.C Drains provides professional septic tank services suitable for all septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems. As well as providing professional cleaning services for septic tanks, our team can de-sludge and remove sediment and blockages from your tank. As well as offering our services for home septic tanks, we work alongside public bodies, businesses, and county councils to provide large-scale septic tank cleaning and services for customers.

Our Services

P.C Drains carries out the following work:

P.C Drains carries out the following work:

  • Septic Tank Emptying, Disposing and Washing

  • Septic Tank Repaired

  • Septic Tank Cleaned & Emptied

  • Septic Tank Cert Provided

  • Biocycles Emptying, Disposing and Washing

  • Repairs & Sales of New Septic Tanks And Biocycles

  • Desludging Of Septic Tanks and Biocycles

  • Degreasing

  • Water Leak Detection

  • CCTV Pipeline Inspection

  • Pipe Lining, Patching & Pipe Cutting

  • We are fully licensed and insured

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Water Leak Detection Cavan

Worried about a water leak. Damaged underground piping can cause a huge amount of damage to a building's foundation and the surrounding garden and plant life.

Unfortunately finding the source of a water leak can be a long and arduous process, requiring digging and in some cases going through a wall. However, P.C Drains’s Water Leak Detection Cavan service makes detecting the source of a leak easier than ever before. We use the latest water detection technology and experience with underground piping to quickly identify the source of a water leak. Our technology can find the leak while causing the absolute minimum amount of disruption to the day to day running of your property.

Do you require expert Water Leak Detection services in Cavan? Get in contact with us directly on:

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