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water leak detection in Cavan, get in contact with P.C Drains today.

Water Leak Detection Cavan

P.C Drains is one of Cavan’s longest established leak detection companies. Are you worried about underground pipes? Unfortunately, underground leakages can cause serious harm to your property. Leaking water if left unaddressed can begin to corrode a building’s foundation. What’s more, leaking water can eventually kill plant life and flowers.
Normally finding the source of a leak can be a leak difficult process that can require the ground to be dug up. However, with P.C Drains, we make finding the source of a leak easier and faster. Using the very best technology we can quickly identify leaks and offer repairs, limiting the possibility of further damage to our client's property.

For the best in professional water leak detection in Cavan, get in contact with P.C Drains today.

Advantages of our Leak Detection Services?


One of the main advantages of our leak detection services is the specialist equipment we use. This modern system means we can find a leak without ripping up floorboards or through walls. Our system finds the leak, and we can take immediate remedial action.


The effectiveness of our services means we can offer leak repairs at a low cost. Our leak detection experts can find the leak quickly and provide a complete and effective repair.


As we can find leaks quickly, we can reduce the possibility of excessive damage being caused to the property. This efficient service helps reduce the damage to the property and the cost of repairs.

Water Leak Detection Cavan FAQ

  • What are the signs of a water leak?

    Some of the signs of a water leak can include
    - Signs of pooling water on the ground surface
    - Damp soil or unusual soil colouring
    - Cracking of concrete
    - A drop in water pressure
    - Abnormal lush or green lawns
    - Dirty water supply

  • Why do water leaks occur?

    There can be many factors leading to a water leak. Particularly cold weather can result in frozen pipes which leads to leakages. Issues such as corrosion or a sudden increase in water pressure can also cause leaks.

  • What is leak detection?

    Leak detection is the process of identifying and then repairing water leaks in a home or business.