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Advantages of Drain Cleaning

So often, drain cleaning in a property is neglected until a blockage or breakage occurs. For obvious reasons, a toilet blockage or overflow can be extremely distressing. From foul smells seeping into the home or just a series of slow draining plugs leaving dirty water marks on baths and sinks, drain cleaning should be integrated into a person’s maintenance routine.

Luckily, drain cleaning isn’t something you have to do allow. Our team of drain cleaners can clean your drains quickly at a competitive market price. Not convinced you should bother with drain maintenance? See below for a list of drain cleaning benefits.

Faster and Better Drainage

The most noticeable difference between neglected and clean drains is the drain speed. After a drain cleaning, all drains within a property will drain faster than before. Meaning stagnant dirty water won’t linger on baths or sinks. Clean kitchen pipes help prevent overflowing. In toilets, newly cleaned drains will mercifully help prevent backflows.

Increase Overall Service Life of Drains & less Leakages

If chemical deposits are allowed to build up inside a drain they can begin to damage the structural integrity of the pipe. This will inevitably lead to leakages. Regular cleaning will stop this build-up and extend the service life of your drains. Meaning you can avoid costly pipe replacements for longer.

Stop Bad Smells

Drains that go too long without a cleaning risk producing bad smells. Dirty drains allow the build-up of mould and bacteria. Mould spores thrive inside drains, it’s a dark and moist environment after all. Water flow will do little to get rid of mould and bacteria which is why a thorough drain cleaning is so important.

Preventing damage to your home

We have already touched upon how chemical deposits can damage drains and how a toilet can backflow. Unfortunately, a backflowing toilet or a leaking drain can cause untold damage to your home. The damage from a clean water drain is bad enough, but a wastewater drain – loaded with chemicals and effluent – can cause damage that can be extremely costly to fix.

Prevent Clogs

And finally, the most obvious advantage of drain cleaning; clean drains are less likely to clog. Cleaning removes the build-up of debris, ensuring your drains are flowing properly.

Are you ready to get the very best drain cleaning possible? Call us directly to schedule a drain cleaning or to discuss our competitive pricing.


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